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Petrol Pump Advertising


Imagine the power of an Out of Home advertising medium that people hold right in the PALM OF THEIR HANDS, EACH WEEK for up to FOUR MINUTES.

High Engagement...with the fuel nozzle each time they visit the pump
Careful observation of thousands of drivers has shown that they undergo 6 intense “hands-on” contacts with the fuel nozzle each time they visit the pump

High Return on Investment.
Competitive CPM, but unlike other mediums (be they print, TV, billboards etc) where the time frame of consumer viewing is under 30 seconds and in some cases under 5 seconds or not at all, consumers are aware of the FillBoard™ message for up to 4 minutes!

Broad Reach
Installed in over 750 petrol stations nationwide directly impacting over half a million people daily

In our cluttered advertising world, FillBoard™ avoids the usual POS clutter and distractions of day to day life

Consumers can be targeted by post code

Everyone who fills up at a petrol station installed with FillBoard™ views your advertisement. In-store product sales can be tracked

Use with other media as part of an integrated strategy. The reach, frequency and engagement with your audience will result in a multiplier effect on other media used in your campaign